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Time To Play Baby DVD ONLY
Our Price: $19.99

This is the Time to Play Baby DVD only. All toys are sold separately (Deluxe kit also available).  

Select an age-appropriate play session on the Time to Play Baby DVD. Place your baby on his or her back on the floor facing you. Simply listen and follow the directions given for each activity. Activities vary from stretching and rolling to reaching for toys and bouncing on your lap. All songs and chants have the words below the screen for your added convenience.

Over time, your baby will strengthen his/her abilities to grow emotionally, physically, socially and cognitively. Your baby’s growth during the first year will set the foundation for a stronger beginning.

Time to Play Baby fits into everyone’s schedules. Parents, caregivers and babies can enjoy a bonding experience through developmental play in the comfort and cleanliness of their own home. We provide the activities, the songs and the toys. Parents and caregivers simply follow along and enjoy the valuable time with their baby.